best clinics turkey hair transplant

Best clinics turkey hair transaplant

Best clinics turkey hair transaplant


The TOP 10 Hair Transplant Clinics in Turkey
  • Vera Clinic.
  • Clinicana.
  • Smile Hair Clinic…


Hair transplant Pakistan cost


With growing technology, each and everything has improved a lot with the passage of time. Improvements in the field of medical sciences paved the way of the new advancements to gain the optimum of everything.

Hair transplant in Pakistan cost is easily affordable and one can get a best hair regrowth in Pakistan. Pakistan is one of those luckiest countries in which hair restoration centers are available for the hair re growth facility.

Hair loss treatment for men has evolved over the past 20 years. But now more sophisticated methods and procedures are available in Pakistan providing you natural looking hair.

With the fast revolution in the world of technology, each and everything has improved its shape and usage a lot. Advancements and improvements in technology in Pakistan or in medical sciences paved the way to gain maximum out of everything.

In this modern world and growing advancements in technology, new methods or techniques for hair loss treatment and significant improvements in the existing ones paved the way for getting better treatment at economical cost as compared to the costs few years back.

Hair restoration could be surgical or non surgical


Hair restoration is an aesthetic procedure and needs proper education before taking any treatment. Hair loss is a more common problem in men rather than women.

Pakistan is providing high quality hair loss treatments all over the country with advanced instruments and techniques. Laser hair regrowth method also used in Pakistan.

In Pakistan patients are provided with the opportunity to restore natural growing hair to previously bald or thinning areas. With its improved equipment, instruments and modern methods it is widely spread throughout Pakistan.

best clinics turkey hair transplant


In Pakistan there are many centers for hair implantation in different cities like Karachi, Lahore, and Islamabad, Quetta and Peshawar. Hair treatment is cheap and affordable in Pakistan.

Anyone who is suffering from hair loss problem and baldness so one can get an affordable hair surgery in Pakistan. However, the Follicular unit extraction method is twice higher in price than the traditional strip method (FUT).

The cost or price basically depends on the condition of work or methods used in surgery. The Cost varies surgeon to surgeon. FUE or Follicular unit extraction is a costly and painless procedure.

In Pakistan many surgeons can do this method, without giving any pain to the patients. An average cost of this method in Pakistan ranges between 150,000 to 250,000.

Where FUT costs less than FUE and it is a more effective?

and reasonable method of hair implant. An average cost for this method in Pakistan ranges between 60,000 to 100,000 in one surgical session.

best clinics turkey hair transplant


Hair replacement is a simple surgery procedure which is performed under local or general anesthesia to the patient. After successful hair surgery, hair grows giving a natural look throughout the life.

It is a procedure which is done by pulling or removing a strip of hair bearing scalp from the back or sides of the head where hair grows consistently. Then the surgeon divides that strip into minor grafts.

Grafts can vary in size for example, Follicular, micro, mini and sometimes maximum in size. There are many valuable resources centers for hair transplant in Pakistan for individuals considering hair loss surgery.


Pakistan Hair Transplant

Pakistan hair transplant clinic offers different hair restoration packages. It is a known fact that the medical services and treatments provided in Pakistan are world class and have been equated to those in developed western countries.

Similarly, the cosmetic surgery and treatment available in Pakistan is up to the mark and is considered good. In all the major cities of Pakistan, hair transplant surgeries are being done successfully.

Hair transplantation is the process of extracting hair from a hairy patch and then planting it on a bald patch, from where the hair grows normally. This is a popular cosmetic procedure which requires caution and skill on the part of the surgeon.

Usually done in a single session, this procedure requires post surgery care, which is recommended by the surgeon, along with some basic medicines to avoid infection and pain.

Hair transplant may be done in two basic methods,

depending on the type needed to suit the candidate. In Pakistan, both types of hair transplants are done commonly and the Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE), which is considered more skillful is done quite widely.

This is since the people who opt for such a treatment suffer from a higher degree of baldness and only then refer to a surgeon. In Pakistan, the trend is such that people do not seek surgeries in order to correct a minor problem, this is why, in most of the cases, the amount of grafts to be transplanted is large. However, the cost of hair transplant in Pakistan is much lesser as compared to that in the developed western countries.

It may be kept in mind that a cheap hair transplant might mean that the quality of the job is poor and the results have been compromised.


in Pakistan, due to the experience of doctors, the results are mostly satisfactory and in case there is an unsatisfied patient, the surgeons hold follow up sessions in which the problem is corrected.

These sessions are mostly free of cost. The hair transplant procedure is administered under local anesthesia and therefore the patient is awake during the whole process.

The clinical facilities and comfort level matter a great deal and in Pakistan, the clinics are generally beautifully decorated and made comfortable for the patient.

Every surgeon requires a good team of technicians and it has been observed that most of the surgeons practicing in Pakistan have a well-trained team to assist the procedures.


Pakistan is developing fast in terms of medical advancements and some surgeons provide new technologies for hair transplant. These technologies ensure that there are no incision marks, and multiple sessions are not needed in order to complete the procedure.

The cosmetic industry is growing and new techniques are being used to make it easier for patients to get the desired results without much hassle and in a comfortable environment.

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