best hair transplant surgeon in istanbul

Best hair transplant surgeon in istanbul

Best hair transplant surgeon in istanbul

The reason for this is that Istanbul has some of the finest and most qualified hair transplant surgeons in the world, as well as the most modern hair transplant procedures, hospitals, and clinics. When you undergo hair restoration surgery in Istanbul, you can be assured that you are in the best possible hands.



“One of the first things people will tell you when you’re trying to figure out why your hair is falling out is that it’s because of your genetics. This seems like a logical answer, after all your parents may have lost their hair too.

The only problem with such an assumption is that it’s not totally correct. Don’t get it wrong, you can lose hair because of heredity. The only thing about heredity is that it has it’s own place in hair loss and doesn’t affect everyone.

There are some causes of hair loss that are somewhat “”hidden”” and ignored by those losing their hair. You should really pay attention to these things as they could very well be the reasons behind your thinning hair problem.

For most of us we’re on some type of medication from a doctor. These medications can have many adverse side effects too, with the loss of your hair being one of them.

Many medications that are used to treat gout, chemotherapy agents, and blood thinners are likely to cause hair fall. Even thyroid drugs can lead to a significant amount of baldness. So you should talk with your physician and ask if there are any possible chances your prescription medicine could be leading to this problem.

You probably take vitamins like most people and they are great for our bodies. However like the saying goes, too much of a good thing can also be harmful. Excess vitamin A will cause your hair to fall out very quickly. Only take the recommended daily dosage and you’ll be on the safe side.”

best hair transplant surgeon in istanbul


The Miracle of Hair Transplant

hair transplantation, a miracle or a cure?

Traditional Hair transplant techniques

Traditional hair transplant were once the smartest choice available for individuals losing their hair. When the procedure was initially developed, it was the only option to toupees and wigs.

With all the more latest developments in loss of hair prevention and hair replacement processes, there are so many more successful, better looking treatments for unwanted lack of hair. Just in case you have been contemplating having hair transplant you need to reconsider and look into some of the new choices available for hair restoration.

If the strip method is applied, it will involve the removal of big sections of the patient baldness resilient hair, that have been then transplanted into the balding areas.

The transaction rate varied based on the patient, but lots of people experienced as high as a 50% rejection rate of those big grafts. Even when the hair took and started growing, it’d not spread, and the patient will be left with patchy, apparent patterns in their hair.

A lot of people have become sad with the look of hair transplant, which have an inclination to be hard to disguise regardless of what length of growth they reach. Though the processes used today continue to be based on the same thoughts as conventional hair plugs, they’re much more successful and look natural.

best hair transplant surgeon in istanbul


Revlutionary techniques of hair transplant

FUE is one of the advanced techniques of hair transplant. Follicles are taken off different places around the mind in groups of just one to four hairs, instead of big chunks. The hairs will also be removed very cautiously, to keep the root intact.

They’re then transplanted slowly into the bald regions of the scalp, in small groups along the existing hairline. With proper spacing and time to grow, they look indistinguishable from natural hair development.

Follicular unit extraction and transfer is time intensive, but provides the best possible outcomes. Pain is minimal, particularly compared to flap operation methods or the out-of-date round plugs.

There’s very little opportunity for rejection or infection, and the healing time is very short.


The only reason many individuals seeking treatment for their baldness avoid this technique is the cost. Individual follicle transplants may cost twice just as much as conventional hair plugs or flap surgery methods.

Scalp flap surgery is another popular contemporary hair replacement technique which offers a more natural look than hair plugs. A little flap of skin and hair is removed from the rear of the head, where it won’t be very noticeable.

This flap is placed on the edge of the balding area. Care should be taken to precisely remove the skin with the proper tissue and blood vessels intact, or the skin won’t attach properly. It’s also a more complicated procedure, and requires a longer healing time.

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