clinic expert istanbul turkey

Clinic expert istanbul turkey

Clinic expert istanbul turkey






Hair transplant is very costly procedure to be done. So you should make certain that you are having the best treatment. Here are some tips on how to find a great hair transplant surgeon.

You always have options as there isn’t only single best surgeon available. Hair transplantation is like a craft which can be mastered and there are many surgeons existed.
Don’t decide anything, influenced by just advertising. It’s not necessary that just as one brand name is well known because of lot of marketing campaigns, it doesn’t indicate it’s the best product. It’s quite possible that not very well-known hair transplant clinic may provide the best services to you.

clinic expert istanbul turkey
we can take advice from family and friends and rely on whom they recommend.
You can also visit the website of “The International Alliance of Hair Restoration Surgeons” though it’s not necessary that all the surgeons are registered on it and it’s also not necessary that the surgeon not registered on this website is not good in his/her work.
You can also rely on your own instinct. All the online and offline references don’t suggest much if you don’t believe in certain doctor. You want that they treat you as a client, not as a customer. 
A big clinic, by no means suggest that it’s better. In fact, the smaller can be better. Hair transplant surgery entails the transplantation of many hairs and it’s a team effort. The problem with bigger clinics is that the team members are always coming and going whereas in smaller clinics you may find the better team cohesion.

When you find the hair transplant surgeon as you expected, don’t think much about the money or costing of the hair transplant surgery as loans and financing is always available.


Hair transplant surgery is also referred as hair transplantation or hair plugs or more accurately autologous hair-bearing skin transplantation. It is so as the actual process features harvesting part of the skin from the hairy areas of an individuals scalp and transferring it to a bald section of the same expert istanbul turkey

Each time, the tissue of the donor is cut off there is a risk of transecting a follicle. Transected hair follicles are referred as colloquially as a Christmas tree. This is so as they are the hair that does not have viable roots. It may be problem for a number of reasons. The most important one is as this process of hair transplantation cannot generate new hair.

In this procedure, the viable hairs are simply relocated from the back to the front of the scalp. In addition there is a fixed supply of the donor hair permanently that might not be adequate to fill up that section of demand.

It is indeed counter productive to decrease the limited supply through a method that is known to endanger the poor yield.

However, this problem can be solved by using micrografts or FUE carefully in the regenerated hairline and a bit of bigger grafts behind the hairline.

The grafts that are misdirected generate hairs will end up to grow in a direction in contrast, to what you aimed. Furthermore, it will result into an unnatural, weird and difficulty to style your hair.

Misangulation that is also similar to misdirection will generate hairs in a direction that won’t correspond to the way of the scalp hair growth. Thus, the hairs will not appear correct, regardless of the way it is being combed.

Your hair is precious, so it is important to take due care of it.

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