dr asmed turkey

Dr asmed turkey

Dr asmed turkey


Cheapest hair transplant in the world


Cheapest hair transplants in the world with prices as low as 200-1000 Euro is just like a dream come true. As, these surgeries in the past used to cost people a bucket full of dollars.

The prices of hair transplants vary from country to country around the world depending on various factors such as the technique used, duration, the choice of doctor and the number of grafts during the transplant.

Comparing methods: The two major and popular methods used are FUE (Follicular unit excision) and FUT (Follicular unit transplant). In FUE, hair follicles are extracted from one part and are inserted to the bald area whereas, In FUT, strips of hair are excised and then transplanted to the bald area.

Nowadays, if we compare two techniques,


FUE method is more used as it is painless and almost gives natural look.
The prices of these two are also different. Price varies according to the grafts of hair to be transplanted. For FUE, Costs can be expected between £3,000 to £7,000.

If we talk about the FUT hair transplant. You have to spend around £5,000 to £8,000 and less. It is usually considered as a more reasonable method than FUE.

Another treatment is PRP in which patient’s blood is taken, processed and injected again in the scalp depending on the platelets condition.

dr asmed turkey

The cost of PRP treatment is around £200 per session so this is a reasonable and comparatively inexpensive method. Scalp micro pigmentation or hair pigmentation is the cheapest method if we compare all, in which the appearance of area is imitated through a tattooing process, sometimes used in combination with FUE.

The cost of this method typically starts from £600 per session and can proceed £1,000 and included in the cheapest hair transplants in the world.

Comparing regions:


If we compare different regions with the cheapest hair transplants in the world, Pakistan is the top most country with the rates starting from 350 euros or 30 thousand Rupees with Per graft price Rs 15 to 20.

With the average cost of hair transplant in Pakistan starting around 30 thousand rupees and rising to an unbelievable least cost of $1550 in the USA you can save around 80% on the cost of your surgery simply by having it in Pakistan and that is unbelievable.

Turkey is considered another country with cheapest rates as they start from £1,000 for FUE in Istanbul. Hair Transplant cost in the UK is on average £8000. UK hair restoration surgeries do perform it greatly but they charge a way more when it is compared to Turkey, also the method and treatment is almost same and usually better in Turkey.

dr asmed turkey

The average cost in Turkey for hair transplant


is £1499.So if you consider Turkey for the treatment you can save on average 75% amount for the exactly same treatment.

Many people consider Turkey to have their hair loss treatment for many reasons such as the experience level and the quality of treatment. Wonderful packages compared to their own country.

So, if you want a reasonable and inexpensive treatment keeping in mind the cheapest hair transplants in the world, you can go for FUE in Pakistan, PRP or Scalp micro pigmentation as they both cost around £1,000. FUE is the latest method with loads of advantages as it is scar free and pain free.

One of Our Greatest Problems… Lowballing

One of the most serious problems in the field of hair restoration relates not to the quality of the work being done but to its quantity, i.e. the number of grafts that are eventually done. Too frequently doctors and patients alike take too optimistic a view of the amount of work that must be done based upon a patient’s limited financial resources. This results in an outcome that fails to meet the patient’s goals and leaves the patient with an unacceptable appearance. All of us need to be very cognizant of the issue of informed consent in this regard.

The problem has been exacerbated recently by at least one group with a national presence who regularly use a “lowball” sales technique when estimating the number of grafts needed in order to lure the patient into their practice. Once the work has begun, the estimate of the work needed increases as a regular policy.

This type of behavior impacts negatively upon both the image and the work of ethical practitioners. It creates a body of patients who are dissatisfied either with the outcome of their appearance or with their economic outcome.

These dissatisfied patients “bad mouth” the entire industry by word of mouth or indirectly by their obvious and unsatisfactory appearance. Intentional misrepresentation is a flagrant violation of the Hippocratic Oath.

It is also a violation of the laws that govern our ability to practice medicine. I would ask the Forum readership for discussion and suggestions as to what can be done to control this type of pathologic behavior.




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