Female hair transplant turkey

Female hair transplant turkey

Female hair transplant turkey


Yes. Women can very well opt for a hair transplant if the hair & scalp condition warrants it. It is not an option just for men. It is true that the number of women who get their hair transplanted is less than men.


Female hair transplant

Hair loss in women is less noticeable than men. Women can suffer female pattern baldness with thinning in crown, front hairline, temples and more likely to have diffuse hair thinning throughout whole scalp.

The main causes of hair loss in women are including hormonal imbalance & therapies, child birth, aging, menopause, stress, medications, diet, genetics and nutritional deficiencies.

Hair transplant which was reserved for men during its earlier days is also now a proven best treatment for many women who experienced hair loss globally.

female hair transplant turkey

During old days, hair transplant was performed through strip harvesting method in which a strip of skin with healthy hair follicles is removed from patient’s head and then dissected to plant at several bald parts on the scalp; this technique however leaves a permanent scar on head which may be covered with long hair.

Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) technique is now applied worldwide to women hair transplant as individual hair graft unit is extracted from donor areas usually one out of four or five hair follicles and then transplanted into bald parts successfully.

FUE technique is now being more popular

for treating hair loss, restoring front hair line, thinning of head hair in crown and center part of head among women. Hair transplant in women is also applied for eyebrows and eyelashes to look more beautiful. 

Hair transplant really makes women worldwide stress free to live their happy and beautiful life with beautiful and attractive hair styles.

we don’t just do hair transplants. We go one step further. Hair transplants are really an uncomplicated quick fix for the desperate hair loss sufferer.

However we look at the overall situation of hair sufferer’s key factors such as age, amount of hair loss, genetical background, baldness pattern, financial affordability, lifestyle, profession, expectation levels etc to come up with the total hair loss solution.

female hair transplant turkey

We may start with prevention and rapid hair regrowth treatments prior to hair transplants in order to be cost effective and customised hair loss solution for the individual customer. Post surgery care is very focussed on saving the grafts, fast healing and doing every principal to regrow the hair and prevent further hair loss from non transplanted area.

Our consultants are the industry experts in this unique service provided by the only company in the UK for hair transplants….we believe in patient education for you the patient to win the hair loss war.

Hair Micropigmentation (alternatively known as Hair Multiplication) is a quick and fashionable cosmetic solution to hair loss.

In keeping with our stated aim of delivering the latest treatments as part of a full range of options for our hair loss clients, we pleased to offer this innovation in cosmetic hair loss solutions.

Hair micropigmentation is becoming a popular cosmetic alternative to traditional hair loss solutions. It can be used to address the full range of hair loss issues including most scars. It is an ideal hassle-free solution for clients for whom lifestyle and appearance are important considerations.
The skill and experience of our technician and the latest in hair micropigmentation technology are combined to recreate the appearance of individual follicles, carefully matched for colour and size with your own.

The technique can be used to add the appearance of density or to recreate the appearance of a full head of hair. We can also camouflage most scar tissue.
In terms of style, you get to discuss and agree with your technician the desired outcome allowing you to dictate the density and shade as well as the precise positioning of the recreated hairline.

Choice extends to the hairline style itself, which can be highly defined or more subtle and jagged according to your preference.

As a client you will benefit from an unrivalled package which guarantees long term aftercare and keeps you in pristine condition. The initial procedure is completed in a single session and we would then expect to see you once a quarter for short touch up sessions.
We expect prospective clients to come along to a consultation with a lot of questions. We will provide all the answers you need and more so that you can make a well informed decision whether to proceed.

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