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FUE hair transplant istanbul turkey

FUE hair transplant istanbul turkey




Hair transplants are being performed in UK


and there are so many hair transplant clinics. UK people who are living abroad they travel to their home country and have hair restoration, cosmetic surgery in UK. The reason is obvious they have trust in their doctors and acknowledge their professional competency. There are some good and bad issues and one should aware of in advance regarding these cosmetic surgery problems in UK.

UK hair transplant clinics offer amazing hair transplant result. The skill, competency and the qualification is at par with any international hair transplant surgeon or cosmetic surgeon.

UK doctors have passed the board examination and professional licensing examination from Europe and America and returned to their home country to serve the people.

The procedures which carried out here


are FUE –follicular unit Extraction, micro-grafting, follicular unit transplantation or combination of techniques. You don’t have to wait for weeks and months for hair transplant surgery in UK.

The procedure is carried out within days and you will be back to home. The cosmetic surgery in Lahore is at its boom and people like to have hair transplant, plastic surgery and cosmetic surgery in Lahore due to cheaper rates and presence of internationally qualified surgeons.

How to get appointment is very simple, just to fill the online appointment Form and quickly your request would be forwarded and you will get the appointment for your cosmetic surgery procedure in Lahore. One of the best hair transplant surgeon who meet international criteria is Dr.Ahmad Chaudhry, visiting Associate professor in France has his clinic in Lahore.

What is bad issue if someone has hair transplant from UK—the surgeon is far away in case of any complication when you are back to your work place and country.

But this problem has been resolved as you have opportunity to chat online, camera to camera, email and telephone conversation.

FUE hair transplant UK


Follicular unit hair transplant is latest innovation in hair restoration specialty. It is minimal invasive hair transplantation technique as compare to strip hair transplant procedure.

This procedure also called FUE hair plantation. There are some specific advantages of this particular method. The result is better and cosmetically acceptable as hair transplant surgeon removes single follicle from the donor are with the help of tiny punches.
Hair transplant techniques are different and still every year some new modifications are taking place. Hair transplant surgeons have their annual conference discuss various problems and recommendations about the current hair restoration surgery methods.

Hair loss surgery evolved from old plugs method to modern natural and undetectable outcome.

When we compare FUE technique with classic strip excision method, Follicular unit extraction method has less scarring. Linear scar is the hallmark of strip hair transplantation technique.

Hairs are taken from the donor area which is on the back and sides of the scalp and individual follicle is extracted and preserved in the normal saline or graft holding solution and after extracting required number of grafts,

hair transplant surgeon along with his team place the grafts in such a way that whole team concentrate on the direction and curvature of the hair shaft.

These little concentration at the time of hair placement gives ever lasting natural look to the person.
Previously follicular unit transplant surgery (FUT) was popular but one can’t have short hair due to scar on the donor area.

This old technique is being performed in some centres of the world

but people are becoming more aware of FUE hair transplant method.

That procedure is in demand as every one individual have internet access and FUE method is hot topic in forums and community discussions. FUE has some added benefits and these are
1- Invisible scarring as compared to other techniques

2- It is ideal for diabetic patients

3- It is suitable for patients who have cardio vascular problems.

4- Those individuals who have little donor area and strip can not be taken due to scar formation can get benefit from FUE hair transplant surgery.

5- Previous hair transplant surgery scar can be corrected by FUE hair transplantation.

6- Tight scalp is a major obstruction in strip hair transplant surgery as hair surgeon can not take enough number of hairs for transplantation. This procedure is ideal for those individuals whose elasticity is not enough.

7- FUE hair loss surgery will fulfil your desire to cut hair short in your later life.

8- Healing is quick and recovery is rapid with FUE hair transplants.

9- This procedure is also called stitches free hair restoration

10- Bleeding is very less as compared to strip hair transplantation.

FUE hair transplant has some limitation and hair transplant surgeon can not accomplished your wishes and desires.

should understand hair transplant is a relocation of hairs from the back and sides of your scalp and full badness can not be covered with one procedure.

need two and in some cases three procedures to achieve hair restoration goals. Your hair physician will guide and help you, how much coverage is possible in one session.

UK hair transplant institute is such kind of clinic which gives you complete assistance and guidance. FUE hair transplant is possible in UK and results are comparable to any established clinic in the world.

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