hair of istanbul clinic cost

Hair of istanbul clinic cost

Hair of istanbul clinic cost


The average cost of a hair transplant in Turkey is $2,100. In fact, according to Bookimed, “The average cost for the hair transplant package in Turkey is $2,100, the minimum is $1,000, and the maximum is $4,300

How Hair Transplant is Calculated

People suffering from baldness find first about the cost of hair transplantation in Pakistan before undergoing the surgery. It is the first question at the time of inquiry about hair transplantation.

The cost of hair transplantation surgery is affordable and cheap in Pakistan due to competition among numerous hair transplant clinics throughout Pakistan.

However, the cost of hair transplantation surgery can vary from clinic to clinic depending upon the experience and qualification of surgeons and facilities provided in the clinic including operation theater charges, equipments and tools used during surgery, laboratory expenditures and medicines.

In Pakistan, the cost of hair transplantation surgery is compared with the experience of surgeon, timing of surgery and facilities available in the clinics.

The cost of hair transplantation also depends upon the number of follicles or grafts and amount of hair to be transplanted. Not only this, the cost can also vary according to the length of the surgery and sessions as well.

Small or single session will cost less charges as compared to multiple or mega sessions. Average cost of hair transplant in Pakistan is 75,000 to 140,000 rupee.

Once you spend money on hair transplantation surgery, then you can enjoy permanent results throughout your life.


Luckily, Pakistan offers hair transplantation surgery in low price as compared to the prices in foreign countries including USA, Australia, France and Canada.

The low price does not mean low standard treatment. The standardized treatment by the utilization of globally accepted equipments within affordable price is assured by hair transplant clinics across Pakistan.


Don’t let the price of hair transplantation to become your deciding factor when choosing hair transplant in Pakistan. Find someone who provides you quality treatment under high extent of care and supervision of experts with natural outcomes.

hair of istanbul clinic cost


When a person thinks about experiencing any surgery, the first considering point of the surgery is its results and side effects.

Though hair transplantation is surgical technique but with the advancement in technology, it is now possible to restore hair without scars.

Hair transplantation can restore a person’s hair so naturally that no one can detect your hair transplantation.


The aim of every hair transplantation clinic is to provide relief and satisfying consequences to the clients. Modern techniques of the surgery are almost pain free.

There is nothing better than get your lost hair back without pain. The tools and methods that are used for the surgery cause less scars and wounds. The scars disappear after sometime and you get natural hair back.


The healing time is very rapid and quick. The results are so natural that no one can detect that you had experienced hair transplantation surgery.

The best thing about hair transplantation surgery is that the consequences are permanent. Hair grows naturally after the surgery. Hair transplantation surgery ensures no incisions, no stitches, no visible scarring.


Best of all, hair transplantation can significantly improve your appearance and self confidence. Natural hair line with undetectable consequences and fast recovery time with no side effects are guaranteed by experiencing hair transplantation surgery.

Look charming and boost your self confidence by getting yourself facilitated with hair transplantation surgery.


hair of istanbul clinic cost


Hair Transplant Cost

Hair transplantation surgery is considered as the best solution to treat male pattern baldness. When a sufferer ponders about experiencing hair transplantation surgery, the first and most important aspect strikes in his mind is the cost of the surgery.

Here is the good news for the sufferers of baldness. The cost of hair transplantation surgery is affordable and cheap in Pakistan.


The price of hair transplant surgery is comparatively less than the countries like USA, France, Australia and Canada etc. Most of the Pakistani people residing in foreign countries also approach Pakistan to treat themselves with hair transplantation surgery in Pakistan.

The hair transplant cost comes down in Pakistan due to competitive nature of hair loss market.


The cost of hair transplantation surgery depends upon the method you choose for your treatment. The number of grafts and follicles, the clinical requirements, surgeons, laboratory expenditure and operation theater charges are the factors of the cost of this surgery.

The cost of the surgery can also vary depending upon the length of the surgery. More than one session of the surgery demands more cost as compared to single session.


Besides all these aspects, the cost of hair transplantation surgery in Pakistan is less than other countries. The same standardized equipments and world widely used methods are being used in Pakistan in affordable cost. Now, you can restore your lost hair back in minimum price but with standardized care.

If you are worried about baldness and intense hair fall then you must consider hair transplantation surgery from Pakistan within affordable cost.


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