Hair restoration istanbul

Hair restoration istanbul

Hair restoration istanbul


And people come in droves because while a hair transplant costs up to $25,000 in the US and Europe, in Istanbul, it ranges from just $600 to $2,000.
Patients mistake the transplanted hair falling out as a sign that the surgery didn’t work – This is wrong. It’s normal for the grafts to fall out two to three weeks after surgery. This then makes way for new hair growth up to 8 to 12 months post-surgery.

Fue Manchester UK

Fue hair transplant Manchester UK Patient 3173 grafts single session


Fue hair transplant in Manchester UK is being performed at various hair restoration clinics. It is a good option for hair loss patient to get permanent solution for baldness problem.

This technique is a latest for baldness treatment. Now no more incision, stitches, scars and pain in this procedure. Patient can spend few hours in the clinic and get pain free treatment.

However there are some technical aspect before choosing any clinic for Fue hair transplant in Manchester UK.

How Fue works?


Surgeon should be experienced and well qualified in this field. As its new technique and needs lot of concentration of the doctor and expertise. It is major reason why lot of clinics can not perform it.

These clinics do not have adequate expertise and skills and therefore prefer traditional strip hair restoration surgery. These are steps involved in Follicular unit extraction procedure.

Initial consultation where doctor examined scalp as well as donor area so that he/she can determine your expected procedure success.
The procedure date is fixed and normally it took 5 to 6 hours to place more than 2000 grafts in the scalp area.

Fue technique needs trimming of hair in most of clinics so that there would be less wastage of donor area follicles. Although there are some clinics which perform without trimming or long hair Fue hair transplant in Manchester UK.

Donor area and recipient area is marked and designed. Surgeon extracts follicles with motorized machines, Robots or similar devices.
Donor area extraction take 2-3 hours and mostly skilled surgeons can extract 2000-3000 grafts during these two or three hours.

Local anesthesia is given to recipient area and small needle or micro blades is used to create slits or sites.
Three to four trained staff start placing of grafts in these sites.

Fue hair transplant cost in Manchester UK


Fue prices vary from clinic to clinic. However to give you an idea hair transplant cost in Manchester is charged £2 to £4 per graft. Some clinics in Manchester offer packages.

As number of grafts goes higher, prices becomes lower. These are some popular packages and costs for Fue procedure in Manchester. These are lowest and some clinics and surgeon may charge you high.

1000 grafts = £2000
2000 grafts = £4000
3000 grafts =£5000
Most of people travel abroad for low cost and affordable follicular unit extraction procedure. Dr. Ahmad Chaudhry is an experienced French Board Certified surgeon and visiting Associate professor in France.

He has his clinic in Lahore Pakistan where people from all over the world come for mega sessions of scar and incision free fue procedure.


If some one need more than 2000 grafts by Fue method the hair transplant in Manchester UK will cost you 80% higher as compare to Dr.Ahmad Chaudhry’s clinic.


Hair restoration istanbul

Hair Transplant Essex UK


Hair Transplant Essex UK patient treatment

People are suffering baldness and seeking hair transplant in Essex UK. There are various hair loss reasons and causes among male and female patients.

The most common cause among male patients is male pattern baldness -DHT hormone. Though its coming in genes and can be from mother or father side. Normally hair fall starts at early age and continue all life.

However visible pattern of baldness may appear between 21 to 35 years of age. Female hair thinning can be due to iron deficiency, menstrual irregularity, Polycystic ovary disease, Thyroid hormonal problem or menopause.

There are different methods of hair transplant in Essex UK . Follicular unit transplant or FUT is an old or classic technique where donor area follicles are harvested by incision and stitches.

The latest Fue is a scar and incision free or without scalpel. There is no more bleeding as in old FUT procedure.

Follicular unit extraction or Fue hair transplant in Essex UK is not frequently performed and people travel to big cities like London for better quality.

Hair transplant cost in Essex UK is different for these two procedures. Strip or FUT procedure will cost you 50% less as compared to follicular unit extraction. People prefer Fue technique due to number of reasons.

It is less invasive in nature and less trauma as compare to old strip technique
Less pain and discomfort and quick recovery after procedure.

Result is same as with old FUT technique


Hair restoration istanbul

Scar in the donor area almost invisible
No more numbness after procedure and patient can sleep comfortably after Fue procedure.

This technique requires special skill and experience and its major reason why most of clinic for hair transplant in Essex UK cannot perform.

Those clinics which perform this technique their cost is 3-5 GBP and one has to pay more than 10,000 GBP for mega session of procedure. To save or lower fue procedure cost ,people travel abroad for affordable hair transplantation.

Dr.Ahmad Chaudhry is a leading surgeon with 16 years experience in the field of hair restoration and Board Certified from Paris France. He is a visiting Associate Professor in Lyon 1 University.

He has one clinic in Lahore Pakistan where people from all over the world for low cost or affordable follicular unit extraction procedure.

Mr. AL travelled to Lahore Pakistan and has his procedure on 03 Jan 2015. He got 1587 units and these are his before, during and post op day 1 pictures. Hair transplant cost in Essex UK 80% higher as compare to Dr.Ahmad Chaudhry clinic in Lahore Pakistan.


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