hair transplant surgery cost turkey

Hair transplant surgery cost turkey

Hair transplant surgery cost turkey



HDC Hair Transplant Clinic


can now offer extensive hair coverage for those suffering acute hair loss with the new development of One Visit FUE-Strip Combination Hair Surgery. We have been developing this solution to severe hair loss for some time and now it is offered as a standard procedure to our patients.

It has been the desire of many patients experiencing serious or extreme male pattern balding of 4-7 on the Norwood Scale to proceed with hair transplantation and completely cover their thinning or balding areas with one visit to the clinic.

Photos of Norwood Scales 4-7

hair transplant surgery cost turkey
Class 4

hair transplant surgery cost turkey

Class 5

hair transplant surgery cost turkey

Class 6

hair transplant surgery cost turkey

Class 7

Photos show Male Pattern Baldness Norwood Scale 4-7

Traditionally at least two visits are needed – one visit is needed to cover the front and top area and then a second visit to cover the crown.

In the case of having a Strip method hair surgery, the patient needs to wait for at least 8 months until his donor laxity will allow the extraction of a second strip.

In the case of an FUE Surgery, to cover the front and the top area with a graft count of 3,000-3,500, the patient still needs to come back later for a second FUE Surgery to cover the crown.

Recipient area before the procedure

Recipient area 7 months post op

Before the procedure

6 months after the procedure

Photos show two different patients who had either front or crown

coverage in one visit

One Visit FUE – STRIP Combination Surgery, is now available at HDC Hair Transplant Clinic, providing a solution to the inconvenience of multiple procedures and visits. The way this is done is to extract on average 2,500 FUE grafts during the first two days and on the third day extract a Strip with an average of 3,000 grafts giving us in total an average of 5,500 grafts.

In the case shown below, the patient with a three day visit to the clinic covered all front, top and crown areas. This achieved their desired result and therefore opted not to have any additional hair surgery.

Strip Super Mega Sessions:


Many patients, especially those who are 4-7 on the Norwood Scale, desire to achieve as much coverage as possible in their thinning areas in one session. This can only be achieved if a high number of hairs are available in the donor area with sufficiently high density and skin laxity.

By our world-class standards, we consider a Mega Session to be between 3,000 to 3,500 grafts. A Super Mega Session is anything over 3,500 grafts and this number can even reach the region of 5,000 grafts.

For a medical team to be able to finish a hair transplant surgery of 3,500 – 5,000 grafts in less than 12 hours, they must have sufficient number of well trained surgeons, nurses and technicians. HDC Hair Clinic, for Super Mega Sessions uses its whole team that consists of two hair transplant surgeons, three nurses and three technicians, whom you can see in our staff list. This team has three expert placers, three expert sliverers and seven expert cutters.

Below we demonstrate the cutters on the move:


After the strip is removed by the doctor two persons sliver and pass the slivers immediately to the rest of five cutters. By the time the doctors finish suturing and site creation, there are enough dissected grafts for the three placers to start placing, two or three at the same time. The rest of the team continues graft cutting to maintain a constant supply of grafts to the placers. This team coordination and expertise, with the ability to change roles according to the direction of the head hair transplant surgeon, is one of the principal reasons that HDC Medical Trichology Centre is the only hair transplant clinic in Europe to offer 3,500 – 5,000 graft Super Mega Sessions.

The photos below illustrate how the placers all work together on a single patient in perfect coordination to successfully perform a Super Mega Session.“

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