hair of istanbul clinic cost

Hair transplant turkey clinic expert

Hair transplant turkey clinic expert


The Care Quality Commission is one of the most reliable ways to find a good hair transplant clinic. By going to the CQC website, you can search for clinic names and registration numbers to make sure the hair transplant clinic you’re interested in is regulated


FUE Hair transplant in Switzerland

FUE hair transplant is a method that provides scar free hair restoration surgery to the patients.

You can also get this surgical treatment in Switzerland.

It is not covered by health insurance.

Patients need to get this surgery at private clinics.

Switzerland is located in Western Europe and bordering five countries;

Germany, France, Italy, Liechtenstein and Austria.

Zurich and Geneva, two big economic centers of the world are located in this country.

It is also one of richest nation around the globe.

It is required by all the citizens to have a health insurance.

This insurance includes all the cost of treatment and hospital expenses.

Dental treatment and hair restoration treatments are not included in any compulsory insurance policy.

In private hospitals, patients can find different hair restoration surgeries for their treatment.

They can go for both methods of hair restoration surgery.

Follicular unit extraction or FUE is a hair restoration treatment that is also available to the patients in the country.

You can find that may people residing in this country are also suffering from genetic hair loss problems such as androgenic alopecia or male pattern baldness.

Most of them also have used many non surgical hair restoration treatments.

In the past, people usually go for follicular unit transplant or FUT.

This treatment gives a linear scar on the scalp after the surgical procedure.

In the newer method, less pain and bleeding are involved during surgery.

There remains no linear scar on the scalp after the treatment.


Patients can find many clinics in the country that are dealing with FUE hair transplant treatment.

Some of the hair restoration surgical clinics are exclusively dealing with this new hair surgical procedure.

Private clinics deal with this newer method and the surgery is customized according to the needs of the patients.

Both men and women can get this treatment from the country.

Most of the clinics use all the latest treatments in their clinics while providing this newer method.

This ground-breaking new technique helps the patients in getting the dense hairs all over their scalp.

In most of the clinics, growth of new hair is guaranteed after the surgery.

In Switzerland, this treatment is ideal for the patients that are on the initial stages of their baldness.

Most of the patients that do not have donor hairs on their scalp go for those surgeries because in this method hair follicles can be harvested from the body.

Whole treatment is painless because local anesthesia is injected into the scalp before the treatment.

After a few hours, patients can resume to his or her routine activities.

Most of the hair restoration clinics provide high quality results in the end.

Hair restoration clinics that are in the country can be searched with the help of internet.

hair of istanbul clinic cost



Patients can find a lot of hair clinics in the country by visiting a search engine.


They can also take help from the hair restoration forums where the previously treated patients have discussed about their FUE treatment.

They can also visit the official websites of the clinic or hospitals.

From these websites they can get phone number and address of a clinic.

It is required by the patients to provide their medical history before going for this treatment.

It is also devised to the foreigner patients to have an appointment with hair restoration surgeon prior their visit.

It tool a lots of time in arranging for health visa and accommodation.

Patients need to check the photograph of those patients that have got the treatment in past.

Before and after treatment photos and videos are available on the internet and on the official websites.

As latest robotic devices that help the surgeon in providing an accurate treatments are getting popularity world wide, these are also there in this country.

Patients can also go for treatment with the help of RotoCore, 3-Step, ARTAS and Neo Graft,

FUE Hair Transplant in Switzerland is much costly as compared to the Eastern countries of the Europe.

Despite the costs, many patients came here to get a correct hair treatment.

hair of istanbul clinic cost


Eyebrow Hair Transplant

eyebrow hair transplant Eyebrow hair transplant is a safe procedure and can create natural results for people who lost hair on the eyebrow or have a scar on their eyebrows.

This transplant is an effective treatment for both partial and full loss of eyebrow hair.

Causes for eyebrow hair loss in men and women are:

Congenital inability of growing eyebrow hair.

Physical trauma such as burn, accidental injuries, or over-plucking or reshaping of eyebrows.

Medical disorders such as thyroid diseases.

Autoimmune disorders such as alopecia areata or lupus.

Psychological obsessive disorders causing self-inflicted obsessive plucking of eyebrows and eyelashes.

Eyebrow Transplant Procedure

An eyebrow transplant is done through harvesting scalp hair from the back of the scalp, known as the donor area.

The removed skin is dissected with microscopic magnification to follicular units.

Hair can be harvested with conventional strip techniques or by FUE.


The area is prepared and very small incisions are made in the eyebrow area.

Tiny incisions produce a tight grip for the single hair grafts that are already harvested.

In order to create the best natural results, making the normal looking direction and distribution is very important.


The growth of transplanted hair in eyebrows follows the pattern of scalp hair growth.

Transplanted eyebrow hairs are permanent and grow constantly needing to be trimmed more often than normal eyebrow hair.

Patients may need from 40 or up to 300 single hair grafts for each eyebrow.


The procedure is performed using local anesthesia. Complications after this procedure are minimal.

Redness, swelling and scabbing can be seen during the first few days after eyebrow surgery, but usually go away in 3 to 5 days.

Daily washings will minimize scabbing and facilitate healing of implanted hair grafts.

Newly transplanted hair to the eyebrow area usually falls out in the first 2 weeks, but new hair grows from those follicles in about 3 to 6 months. Full results are expected in about 6 months.




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