Hair transplant best in turkey

Hair transplant turkey expert

Hair transplant turkey expert


6 steps for a successful hair transplant in Turkey
  1. Contact clinics. The sooner you start, the sooner you will see the results.
  2. Consultation. Doctors must check your medical history and the extent of your hair loss to advise you about the surgery.
  3. Plan the procedure & book flights. …
  4. Fly to Turkey. …
  5. Surgery. …
  6. Aftercare.


Hair Transplant uk Hair Transplant


Hair surgeon uk hair surgeon Lahore Best hair transplant clinis, uk Hair Transplant is simple procedure under local anesthesia in uk, which hair transplant surgeon removes follicles, or grafts from the donor area on the back and sides of the scalp and implant these grafts or follicles on the bald or recipient area.


Is hair restoration surgery in uk painful ?

Hair Transplantation is minor procedure and there is mild discomfort at the time of local anesthesia. Hair transplant surgeon, or hair transplant team gives anesthesia with very tiny needles and minimal discomfort is there and one may say it is virutally painless.


What is role of microscopes in hair transplant surgery ?

stereo microscopes are integral part of hair transplantation surgery.Hair Transplant Surgeon dissect grafts under direct vision with 10-20 times more magnification and less chances of follicles or grafts damage and 30% more yield of grafts for transplantation.


What is procedure for follicles or grafts placement?

Hair restoration clinic lahore is providing services for hair regrowth and hair replacement for the last 12 years and we have expert and expereinced team for follicles, or grafts insertion. There are various methods for placing like Auto inject, No Touch, forceps and implanters. Our hair transplant team is familiar and expereinced with all these techniques. However which method and techniqueis best depends upon number of factors like donor area, bald area, hair density, curl of the hair, texture and color of the hair.


What is latest technique being used in USA and Europe?

The latest technique for hair placing in hair restoration surgery is with forceps (special instrument to grasp follicles with no trauma), currently most of the hair transplant surgeons in USA and Europe practicing with it .However some hair surgeons do use Auto-injector, or No Touch technique (Korean technique) but this instrument is from South Korea and less papularity in Western world and USA due to various reasons.


What should be the direction of hair while placing grafts ?

There is no such instrument which gives natural direction to the hair. It is experience and Artistry of hair transplantation surgeon which gives natural and 100% natural order to the hair follicles or grafts.


Is there any bleeding in hair transplant surgery ?

Our hair transplant clinic in lahore creating master pieces of every day in hair restoration field, and we are using FUE-follicular Unit Extraction technique ,which does not involve any incision, or cutting of the skin and there is very minor oozing and no bleeding involved.


What is maximum density in uk hair transplant Clinic ?

Our hair transplant surgeon has more than 12 years hair restoration experience and Associate professor in France, can produce 40-45 follicles/ by using tiny needles with less then 0.6-0.7mm diameter. There should be no see through effect if recipient area density is adequate.


How many sessions required for FUE hair transplantation ?

Our hair transplant surgeon extract 1200-1500 grafts per day in Lahore hair transplantation clinic.Normally two to three days required for 2000-3000 grafts.


How many hours required for hair transplant surgery ?

The Follicular Unit Exraction procedure take 5 to 6 hours per day in the theater at hair transplant clinic in Lahore.


What is hair survival rate in the hair transplant procedure?

Dr perform hair transplant surgery personally to every individual in uk and he does not have any of his Assistant Doctor and there is 98% hair survival rate in the expereinced hands of Dr.


What is cost of FUE hair transplant procedure in uk ?

Hair transplant is cheap in uk and we charge 1.00 euro/graft.


Why hair transplant is cheap in uk?

FUE hair transplant is cheap in uk due to cheap labour and growing economy.



What is standard of hair transplant in uk ?

Dr Associate Professor in France and he is too much concerned about the hygienic condition and sterilization as well as disposability of the instruments used in the hair transplantation procedure?


Does transplant hair grow permanently ?

Yes transplanted hair grow all your life as these transplanted hair does not have DHT(Dihydro testosterone) receptor in the safe donor area. Transplanted hair are genetically resistant to DHT.


What is healing time after hair transplant procedure ?

FUE hair transplant is minimal invasive procedure and there is no incision and stitches so healing is quick and it take 24-48 hours for recovery.


When should i expect hair growth after hair transplantation ?

Transplanted hair start to grow after 3 months from hair restoration procedure. For full hair growth it takes 9-11 months.


Do i need to visit again after FUE hair transplant procedure ?

FUE hair transplant procedure is safe and there is no need to visit again as this surgery is scarless and stitcheless.


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