turkey best hair transplant cost

Hair transplant turkey safe

Hair transplant turkey safe


The standards of treatment for FUE hair transplants in Turkey is extremely high and the country is an independent global leader for high-quality healthcare and patient safety. As well as the high treatment standards, cosmetic surgery in Turkey is often substantially cheaper than in other countries.


By and large hair transplant is a safe procedure: Experts
By and large hair transplant is a safe procedure. The handful of serious complications that have been reported are almost all done without a qualified surgeon or dermatologist.


Fue hair transplant in Australia

Australia is a developed state which is also home for the FUE hair transplantation surgery.

For the first time, this surgery was done in Australia where there are several qualified surgeons, providing the latest techniques to people suffering from hair loss.

Hair loss is a physical condition that also psychologically weakens a person.

This is since a person suffering from hair loss becomes aloof and loses the confidence to deal with people on both a personal as well as professional level.

Hair loss is caused in individuals due to certain deficiencies or it can also be inherited.

While there are many hair restoration treatments available,

it must be kept in mind that the hair loss can be stopped to a certain degree in many individuals but the acceptance of every medication or procedure by everyone is not guaranteed, owing to the cause of hair loss.

turkey best hair transplant cost



Hair transplant surgery is by far,


the most result-yielding process out of all the hair restoration methods.

Any person looking for a quality treatment to get rid of hair loss must first correct the issue that is causing hair loss.

In some individuals it may be inherited while in others it is caused due to stress.

In case the cause of hair loss is not corrected, the problem may recur even after surgery.

The best method of hair restoration is the hair transplant surgery while the most sought after method of hair transplantation is the follicular unit extraction (FUE) method.

This method was first introduced in Australia, making the surgeons there very popular as pioneers of hair surgery.

There are two main ways of hair transplantation; the strip method and the FUE method.

The strip method is not as technical as the FUE method since it involves removal of hair in the form of a strip which is dissected into smaller units and planted on the bald patch.

The FUE method is more meticulous since it involves the extraction of individual hair follicles which are planted one by one.

The surgeon required for this surgery has to be skilled and experienced. This surgery is most sought after due to its natural results.

The surgeon plays an important role since during surgery he has to take care of the pattern and direction of existing hair and plant the new follicles in the same way.


This plantation trend will determine the final look.

The hair transplantation surgery is most effective since it is open for people of all ages and gender.

There are many hair restoration medicines that play with hormones and hence are more gender specific, however, the hair transplant surgery is an easy process and can be done for men as well as women.

Hair transplant was initially used for covering up or concealing scars and gaps in hairy areas caused due to accidents, burns or deformities by birth.

However, due to the good results of such treatments, it was accepted as a cosmetic treatment to enhance aesthetic beauty. Hair transplant treatment is a painless treatment that starts showing results after a few months.

The grafts planted on the bald patch start growing within a few months and the results are drastic therefore the candidates are mostly satisfied.

In comparison, the medicines and tonics available for hair restoration show results gradually and therefore candidates are not very satisfied.

It is believed by some people that hair transplants lead to a lack of blood supply to the newly planted hair due to a sudden increase in the number of active follicles on the scalp.

This is not a fact since hair follicles receive blood supply through the dense network of capillaries on the scalp.

Another fact about hair transplant is that the size or length of the graft does not matter.

Smaller grafts grow as quickly as the larger grafts.

FUE hair transplant in Australia is considered one of the best since it was introduced in this country.

A good FUE treatment requires a good surgeon.

turkey best hair transplant cost



Facial Hair Transplant

Facial hair restoration is using scalp or facial hair for restoring facial hair such as your mustache, beard and eyebrows.

Parsa Mohebi Hair Restoration offices in Los Angeles offer a variety of facial hair transplant procedures for genetic or non genetic lack of hair on face.

Facial hair transplant is designed to restore or add fullness to existing hair to the beard and mustache region.

Hair loss or absence of hair in this area can be caused by many factors including genetics, trauma due by surgery, electrolysis or laser hair removal, burns or other scarring accidents.


Donor hair is harvested from the scalp if it is identical in texture and growth to the beard and mustache.

Hair could also be removed from the other areas if need be due to the difference in quality of the hair on those areas.

The transplanted hair is permanent and needs to be shaved, trimmed or maintained like the rest of your hair.

We carefully and artistically place your new hair grafts in the exact angle as the rest of your facial hair to assure a natural, undetectable look.

All our procedures are done using exclusive follicular unit transplantation and microscopically dissected for the smallest incisions.


Removing hair from the back is done with two different techniques: strip or FUE.

We offer FUE transplant procedure through the use of follicular unit extraction (FUE) which is the most minimally invasive hair transplant procedure as well as the fastest healing procedure available.

This procedure is conducted only after a FOX test is conducted and passed to determine your candidacy for FOX procedure.


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