FUE hair transplant in turkey

Turkish hair loss treatment

Turkish hair loss treatment


The global hair transplant industry is worth more than $6 billion — and a sixth of this value comes from Turkey [1]. Turkey is a popular hair transplant destination, thanks to its cut-rate hair restoration treatments.




Scalp hair loss which is also known as hair fall, thinning of hair, alopecia, baldness etc can be characterized in several forms due to different scalp conditions. There are multiple causes of hair loss including:

Age: Gradual scalp hair thinning is caused through switching of active hair follicles from growth (anagen phase) to a resting phase (telogen phase) which gives rise to shorter and fewer in number hair. This age usually starts from 35 years onward.

Genetics: Genetics of an individual also responsible for hair loss. If an individual has both paternal as well as maternal side baldness then there are more chances to develop baldness. This is also known as hereditary cause i.e. passing of the disorder from one generation to the next one through genes.

Diet or nutrition:

Limited intake of eatables and nutrients’ deficiencies also cause thinning of hair. These mainly include protein, biotin deficiencies; however excessive intake of animal fats and vitamin A is also responsible for hair loss to some extent.

Sunlight: Phototoxic effects of sunlight in which sunburn is caused due to sun exposure and its ultraviolet rays also cause hair loss.

turkish hair loss treatment

Mineral deficiency: Zinc and iron deficiency.

Medications :Medications for blood pressure, diabetes, cancer, heart disorders, cholesterol, steroids, acne medications, contraceptive pills, hormone replacement therapy etc. Traumas such as major surgery, heart attack, childbirth, poisoning severestress.

Hormones: Both male and female hormones and their imbalance gives rise to hair loss. Menopause is also responsible for it.

Pregnancy and childbirth: During pregnancy the hair are thicker due to high levels of oestrogens which decreased after child birth and causes actual baldness. Intake of fertility-stimulating drug like clomiphene also gives rise to hair loss similarly.

Pollution: Water and air pollutants also cause hair loss.

Radiotherapy: Radiation to the scalp during radiotherapy against some cancer treatments also causes hair loss.

Spot baldness or Alopecia areata: It is a disorder in which baldness or hair loss takes place from one location to other damaging every hair of the body resulting total scalp baldness (alopecia totalis) or entire body hair loss (alopecia universalis).

Thyroid:Both Hypothyroidism and Hyperthyroidism cause hair loss.

Excessive oily scalp:Excessive oily scalp may gives shelter to a microscopic mite called Demodex folliculorum which found in hair follicles and fed on sebum excreted by sebaceous glands and causes thinning of hair.

Lifestyle:Lack of exercise, labor, massage and comfortable lifestyle is also responsible for not having healthy hair follicles.

Procedures:Excessive use of chemicals for washing, curling, bleaching, dyeing, straightening etc gives rise to hair loss too.



There are several effects of hair loss on human life and health including:

Getting older concern: Usually people face the disorder after 35 and they feel themselves getting older, stepping into old age after finishing their young age. After hair loss women and men look older and they start thinking the end of desirability, vitality and their young expectations forever. Everybody likes to look young, handsome, beautiful and gorgeous with pleasant, unique and impressivehair style.

turkish hair loss treatment


Lack of natural hair styles:

A good and unique natural hair style is a very identity of a human being. As people are proud of their individual hair style and women specially do several hair styles to look beautiful and impressive. A good and natural hair style always provides happiness and satisfaction to people while hair loss makes them unhappy and less confident. Thinning of hair also make ladies unable to do their desirable hair styles.

Wearing hats, caps, wigs to cover hair loss: Hair loss also makes people to wear hats, caps, wigs to cover their head and thinning hair line even during hot season which makes them feeling uncomfortable and unhappy too. Hollywood and Bollywood stars have to face this problem seriously when they make movies. They have to change their hair styles as per their roles in movies, several times a day, and if they are facing hair loss they became ineligible to perform their successive roles, so they have to take hair transplant treatment for having theirnatural hair style restoration. Holly wood star Wayne Rooney recently had taken hair transplant surgery to cover up his receding front hairline.

Stress, depression and anxiety:

Hair loss also makes people more stressed, depressed and anxious for their future when they started thinking about losing their beautiful personality; they used to hesitate to meet people during social, business and official activities. Stress and depression may gives rise to several health disorders and dangerous for good health. The psychological effects or hair loss are really difficult to handle and people facing hair loss must consult their doctors and hair transplant surgeons for proper guidance and permanent treatment. They must learn to cope with hair loss also help others to cope with the disorder. They must talk about their hair loss to friends, family members, and doctors to be relaxed.

Effects on self confidence:It is noticed worldwide that people experiencing hair loss were found experiencing loss of confidence before seeking treatment against the disorder; however males with baldness are seen as more intelligent, confident, conscientious and stable without any job or designation discrimination.

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